Backstory: 13 years of HIV/AIDS on Wikipedia

For the 25th Day With(out) Art an interactive timeline I created will occupy the website of the ICA Philadelphia on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2014. Visitors to the site will be able to explore the history of HIV and AIDS as captured by more than 8,000 revisions of the HIV/AIDS Wikipedia article.

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The visualisation is based on Backstory, a tool I designed during the Beautiful Data workshop at Harvard metaLab. For the Day With(out) arts, a campaign organised by Visual AIDS, I have expanded it into an interactive timeline, which lets users explore the revision history of the HIV/AIDS Wikipedia article.

In the words of Becky Huff Hunter from the ICA Philadelphia:

BackStory: 13 years of HIV/AIDS on Wikipedia is an online visualization tool which allows viewers to explore a subjective, contested, and constantly expanding history of HIV/AIDS, through a chronology of revisions to Wikipedia articles on this topic.

When you read the article about HIV/AIDS on Wikipedia, what you see is just the latest version of a document, that has undergone 13 years of collaborative writing and editing. This revision history, which is exposed through this visualisation, reflects the changing views and discourses around HIV/AIDS.

The basis for this visualisation form over 8’000 versions of the HIV/AIDS wikipedia article, which have been curated around three chosen keywords: Condoms, Viral Load and Safe Sex.

Visit www.icaphila.org on December 1st to see the project live.

See also the announcement on the ICA’s website.

BackStory is an online visualisation tool for exploring the history of wikipedia articles. It lets you access and navigate through past revisions of Wikipedia articles.

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