Media Archaeology as Artistic Practice

I will be presenting at this workshop, taking place on February 1st 2015 at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. The event forms part of the CTM festival and transmediale and is open to the public.


The House of World Cultures in Berlin. Image by Avda

The organisers Shintaro Miyazaki and Jamie Allen write:

Media archaeology is an academic method, but also an artistic practice and material inquiry. Playful, ironic aesthetics and critically historical approaches to media cultures and their technologies is gaining increased attention. We live in an archive of the media technological storage and of regurgitation of bygone times — such a situation requires artistic reactions and interventions.

In this context I will present my research and will focus on two recent projects on mining and visualising Wikipedia article revisions. A Wikipedia article, as commonly accessed through a browser, only represents the most recent version of that article. Underneath the surface are often thousands of earlier revisions of the same article. Wikipedia is not only an encyclopaedia, but also a history of an encyclopaedia and a reflection of changing knowledge, beliefs, concerns and social issues. Through my work I try to expose these hidden layers and mine the cultural archive of Wikipedia.

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